Julie Kane
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With the success of our first partnership for ASUS just wrapping up, the electronics giant wanted to make a splash for the holiday season, showcasing their “Zen” product line to creative professionals and holiday shoppers. There was a catch though: We would only have 6 weeks to design and execute the campaign, and all designs would need to quickly transition into a holiday-agnostic aesthetic after the new year.

Our answer to the challenge was “Zen Your Way,” a campaign to celebrate individual expression and ASUS’s commitment to enabling the creativity and ingenuity of all their customers.  The campaign engaged audiences through strong social content and influencer partnerships, amplifying ASUS’s position as a supportive creative resource. The campaign also celebrated creativity through a highly flexible microsite I that culled UGC, how-to videos and curated lifestyle imagery.

I touched all facets of this project, from concepting the campaign to designing the microsite, art directing the photo shoot and even retouching final photography.