Julie Kane
let's make something great, together.



Popular Japanese toy manufacturer TOMY was putting the finishing touches on a new line of wireless fighting robots and was looking for a partner that could bring an action-packed edge to their new toy’s stateside release.

Built on the principles of blockbuster movie marketing, my creative director and I approached the campaign in two phases: an attention-grabbing teaser experience to generate interest, followed by a wider informational campaign to showcase product information and in-depth tutorials. Working as the lead (and only) art director and senior designer, it was my job to bring the Battroborg's world to life through the digital experience.


The campaign was a rousing success, generating valuable earned media including exclusive features on the Today Show, New York Times and on jumbo-trons in Times Square. Year one US sales were very strong and lead to a pick up and new iteration of the product in 2014.