Julie Kane
let's make something great, together.



Thanks in part to mediums like podcasts, streaming video and social media, comedy entertainment has been gaining momentum over the last few years, with enterprising comedians sharing their work in new and interesting ways. Superfly saw an opportunity to bring the comedy community together and partnered with Comedy Central to develop Colossal Clusterfest: a groundbreaking comedy festival in San Francisco that combined comedy of all varieties, music and pop-culture attractions for a totally unique festival-going experience.

Working closely with leadership inside Superfly as well as Comedy Central, I developed the brand aesthetic, festival website, brainstormed concepts for on-site experiences, assisted the social and marketing teams on all campaigns, managed freelance resources and championed the brand aesthetic for any work headed to public view.

All told, the festival welcomed 50,000 visitors over 3 days and was a total hit with performers, critics and attendees. Such was the positive press, that Superfly and Comedy Central green lit the festival for another year!